Horselover Fat (benburgis) wrote,
Horselover Fat

Korea Week 1

After a 13-hour flight from Detroit, I got into Seoul late last week. I crashed at eclexys's place my first night, then took the train to Ulsan the next day. I start teaching on September 1st. Meanwhile, I've managed to get registered with the local immigration authorities (I have a shiny new Alien Registration Card), set up a local bank account, get a cell phone, and to do a bit of lesson-planning. The classes I'm teaching this fall are:

*A Freshman-level class on Aristotle,
*A Junior-level class called "Analytic Philosophy",
*A Senior-level class called "Philosophy of Art", &
*A Senior-level class on Led Zeppelin and the sociology of rock music

(Yes, one of these classes is not like the others. The required teaching load for my job here is 9 hrs/week. There was some concern that I'd be under that if one of my classes ended up getting canceled for low enrollment--hence the 4 classes rather than 3--and if that doesn't happen, I'll get overtime pay for the extra class, so the arrangement's fine with me. How it is that the fourth class they found for me was a sociology class rather than a philosophy one is slightly mysterious to me, but I love the fact that they let me steer the course content in this direction.)

Random Cultural Observation Of The Week:

There are a really impressive number of Dunkin Donuts locations in this country.
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