Horselover Fat (benburgis) wrote,
Horselover Fat

Korea-Bound, and Other Stuff

Here's the stuff that's happened since the last time I posted here:

(1) I turned 30. So, uh, that happened.

(2) I graduated from my doctoral program. Wore a cap and gown and everything.

(3) My Israeli alternate history story Dark Coffee, Bright Light and the Paradoxes of Omnipotence was listed as a 2009 Notable Story for the storySouth Million Writers' Award. Not a short list, but it made me happy.

(4) The same story was accepted for Prime Books' upcoming anthology People Of The Book: A Decade of Jewish Science Fiction and Fantasy.

(5) I got a full-time job as a philosophy professor for next year. Just a one-year renewable non-tenure-track thing, but it definitely beats unemployment.

(6) It's at the University of Ulsan, so, yeah, this means that I'll be moving to South Korea sometime in the next couple months. That's pretty weird.
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