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I just found out that my short story "Smokestacks Like The Arms Of Gods"* has been accepted over at PodCastle.

This is makes me very happy for a lot of reasons, not least of which is that PodCastle prefers reprints to original fiction and, according to the acceptance letter, "Smokestacks..." is the very first full-length original story they've published. (They have published some original flash fiction before, like Tim Pratt's excellent Incubus.) In fact, I'd been feeling a bit silly for even bothering to submit it there, since I read this post over at the Vandermeer blog by PodCastle editor Rachel Swirsky:

"I could tell you lots of things about slush. I could tell you, for instance, that if you are submitting an unsold story to a reprint market and your name isn’t Tim Pratt or Greg Van Eekhout, you are not going to sell that story to me. Why? Because you’re competing with stories printed in the best magazines, chosen by the best editors in the business... Could there be an exception? Sure. There are exceptions to everything. But so far, I haven’t found one to this rule."

Note that this seemed like a perfectly reasonable thing to say. I didn't think that there was anything wrong with the underlying reasoning, nor did I share the views of those who thought that it amounted to "pulling up the ladder" to keep out new writers or any such nonsense. It just made me feel slightly sheepish about my submission, and correspondingly all the more surprised and happy when I woke up to see the acceptance.

...and, hey, every morning should start with the news that you've just made $100 in your sleep.

*....and yes, that's a title that reveals something about my deep love for the music of the Boss, although the content of the story--which is kind of a re-mix of the Flint sit-down strike and a lot of other things in a steampunky fantasy world setting--contains no love for bosses.
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